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Avatar LA

Limited Edition Avatar Man Sculpture
Now available for a limited time!

A limited edition sculpture designed by famed artist Wim Griffith, created specifically to celebrate Avatar's 35th Anniversary.

"The Avatar Man" is available either 20 inches tall, or 29 inches tall.

A flat steel sculpture of thick, torch-cut, black sheet metal that is a true cutout shadow piece inspired by Chinese brush painting. Free standing, "The Avatar Man" sits firmly on a base of the same black metal.

Designed to cast large shadows with proper light placement, the Avatar Man brings the spirit of brotherhood and fun to that special place in your home.

Available for a limited time in two sizes:

» Avatar Man - 20 inches tall
» Avatar Man Sculture - 29 inches tall

Art Exhibition: The Erotic Art of Avatar

Celebrating the 35th Anniversary of Avatar Los Angeles, over 75 pieces of original and rare homo erotic prints, many of which are for sale by famous artists such as Doug Melnyk, Wim Griffith, Dean Cameron, Leo Garcia, Windon Newton and Don Tinling, were put on display in Santa Monica in March.

Also on display were the works of other great artists such as Michael Kirwan, Mark Acuna, Jay Lawton, Cirby, Bruce Rapp, Drubskin, A.J. Epstein, and many more! There were also a number of "new finds" such as David Alexson, Oxana Diaz, Butch B. and Yusuf Eckolm.

Select pieces from this art exhibit are now available for sale!

» Click here to view the Avatar Erotic Art Gallery